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Train the trainers, train the subordinates, and build a foundation that actually finally represents the "people" of our community.

Encourage and promote that empowerment in a positive way unlike the regimes that have violated everyone's American Spirit by stepping on the citizens' of NEO with negative quota accountability.

The problem, residents say, is in their craftsmanship.

If WYZ were smart, they would now invest their money somewhere else, actually anywhere else other than the City of Cleveland.

That voters put him in office shows how polluted their minds are here...

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 364 334 PS 021 884 TITLE INSTITUTION REPORT NO PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS New Challenges for Head Start. Topics discussed included improvements needed in Head Start, program quality, program expansion, and the impact of the Head Start Expansion and Improvement Act of 1990. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICB 70 TMce WASHINGTON : 1993 F'ur sale by ihe U. I sub- mit to you that Head Start has not reoeiw^d appropriate credit for helping shape a huge array of educational and social reforms we take for granted today.

Show the people that we are great at agreeing to disagree for their best interests and that we can build bridges while the corrupt are tearing down homes."I love my house, but I hate what I had to go through to get it." Rysar's most ambitious project is in Central, where it's building more than 400 new houses through a federally subsidized housing program.Comment Councilman has long ago forgot whatever he thought he knew about poor people. The document includes the prepared statements and testimony of several United States Senators and child care experts, including Senators Nancy Kassebaum, Edward Kennedy, and Dave Durenberger; Marilyn Thomas, president of Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc.; Delores Baynes, former Head Start parent and social services worker; Anne Doerr, Head Start center director; Joseph Mottola, Acting Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families; Edward Zigler, professor of psychology and director of the Yale Bush Center in Child Development and Social Policy; Sarah Greene, chief executive officer of the National Head Start Association; Lisbeth Schorr, director of the Harvard Project on Effective Services; and Curtis Weeden, vice president for corporate contributions at Johnson and Johnson. OEPAnrmtm of touc ATi OM \^ OHtce ot Educ Ational Ros««f Ch and [mprovemeni fr\ EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER l ERICj Cm^ "y^*^'^ document has been reproduced as W' ticiai OERl positron or policy HEAEING BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON CHILDREN, FAMILY, DRUGS AND ALCOHOLISM OP THE COMMITTEE ON • LABOR AND HUMAN RESOURCES UNITED STATES SENATE ONE HUNDRED THIRD CONGRESS FIRST SESSION ON EXAMINING PROPOSED AUTHORIZATIONS FOR THE HEAD START PRO- GRAM, AND TO EXAMINE THE IMPACT OF THE HEAD START EXPAN- SION AND IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 1990 JULY 22, 1993 Printed for the uie of the Committee on Labor and Human Retources U.8. First: We should fully ackno Hle-lge the contributions made by Head Start. ISBN--0-16--041394-X; Senate-Hrg-103-166 22 Jul 93 103p- U. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Congressional Sales Office, Washington, DC 20402 (Catalog No. Legal/Legislative/Regulatory Materials (090) MF01/PC05 Plus Postage. 'Ut Risk Persons; Child Welfare; ^Federal Aid; Hearings; *Low Income Groups; Needs Assessment; ^Preschool Children; *Preschool Education; Program Admini s trat i on Congress 103rd; Head Start Expansion and Improvement Act 1990; Program Expansion; *Project Head Start ABSTRACT This document provides a transcript of the proceedings of a hearing to discuss issues related to the future of Project Head Start.

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