Who is dhani jones dating

It was Raymond's mother who suggested that Jones get in touch with Raymond, who graduated from Michigan in 1997. Jones has always been intrigued by the possibilities that existed for him beyond the gridiron.

Likewise, Raymond saw a shift in the advertising and marketing industries, including how athletes were gaining awareness of their "brand," and he wanted to capitalize on it."This agency is about taking all the merits and validity of having [a brand's] direction and putting that toward the digital word," Raymond said.

That's also when they hope to start VMG Management, which would be the brand-building service for athletes that contributed to VMG's initial methodology."If someone is excited about brand partnerships and how to build their brand, then we're excited to work with them," Jones said.

VMG wanted to commence VMG Management in September, but the uncertainty of Jones' future in the NFL put the idea on hold.

"As Dhani gets further away from football, does the halo lose its touch?

That would be a concern."O'Hara raised the point that VMG also has to be careful about having its hands in too many areas.

The areas interest each of them, and it's where they identified plentiful opportunities.A recent addition to their clientele list highlights that point.Aerin, a fashion and lifestyle brand launched by Aerin Lauder, a granddaughter of Estee Lauder, awarded their account to VMG over 10 other firms, Raymond said.Raymond said VMG is close to contracting with four more major clients.Their prospective client list for 2012 numbers 10 to 15.

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