Were brad pitt and jennifer aniston dating during friends

, Aniston capitalized on her celebrity (including, to some degree, her marriage to an A-list movie actor) to jump into big screen projects.Unfortunately, she doesn't always pick great movies.So, for five years of marriage either Pitt and/or Aniston couldn't conceive or didn't want to, which admittedly is nobody's business, but strikes a sharp contrast to the rapid family expansion Pitt pursued with Jolie.At this point, Aniston is thoroughly exhausted by the world's infatuation with her reproductive system.

From their matching nineties outfits to their stunning private wedding ceremony in Malibu – they defined ultimate couple goals. While Brad and Ange soon started a family, sharing six children, Jen was forced to live out the painful divorce in public, making headline news for years – something it seems her former husband now wants to make amends for.

Yes, they're still glamorous movie stars living a life of wealth and privilege, but there's no questioning their pursuits to give back.

Aniston, meanwhile, is best known for shilling bottled water and lotion and for her role in the . " Now that Brangelina is falling apart, brace yourself for tabloid covers connecting Aniston to the divorce, the custody battle, the heartache, and the healing.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were the quintessential celebrity couple.

Jennifer was hands-down the hottest TV star of the '90s and easily transitioning to film, while Brad was not only the most sought-after movie star, but also named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" twice during their courtship.

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