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DLL incompatibility has been caused by: DLL Hell was a very common phenomenon on pre-Windows NT versions of Microsoft operating systems, the primary cause being that the 16-bit operating systems did not restrict processes to their own memory space, thereby not allowing them to load their own version of a shared module that they were compatible with.

Application installers were expected to be good citizens and verify DLL version information before overwriting the existing system DLLs.

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Object Linking and Embedding has very strict rules to prevent this: interfaces are required to be stable and memory managers are not shared.This is insufficient, however, because the semantics of a class can change.A bug fix for one application may result in the removal of a feature from another.A common and troublesome problem occurs when a newly installed program overwrites a working system DLL with an earlier, incompatible version.Early examples of this were the libraries for Windows 3.1: Microsoft-created libraries that third party publishers would distribute with their software, but each distributing the version they developed with rather than the most recent version.

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