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“We increased query volume by 35% for a popular stickers bot by optimizing queries with high exit rates,” the company said, in a statement shared by Google.

“Chatbase has been immensely helpful in improving our bot.

The company announced the general availability of Chatbase via blog post today, adding that it’s free to use.

When asked how the company plans to monetize the platform, Google said that’s something it’s thinking about for the future, but didn’t offer details on those plans.

Google also noted users of Dialogflow (formerly API.

AI), Google’s end-to-end platform for building cross-platform conversational experiences, will automatically get access to basic Chatbase features within Dialogflow.

Typically, developers would have to scour through log files to find patterns in user messages, but Chatbase’s system instead clusters user messages that aren’t being handled (this is still available only to Early Access testers) and finds opportunities to answer more requests.

Chatbase isn’t the only solution for chatbot analytics, but the machine learning angle could give it an edge.

Instead of combing through logs, we rely on its machine-learning capability to help prioritize required optimizations — saving precious time that we need to focus on building new features,” Viber added.

Another notable capability in Chatbase is the auto-generated data visualization of conversation flows across sessions.

Putting some of Google’s machine learning capabilities to work for our users is a clear differentiator, and our users are really excited about that,” they added.

Rakuten-owned Viber, which has over 900 million users in 193 countries, detailed Chatbase’s success with a stickers bot it runs.

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