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Steven finally gives in and admits he likes the book's ending, and the fake Cloud Connie evaporates.Connie is shocked and asks why he said he disliked it.Lars defends them from security robots but is critically injured in the process.After reading the last installment of the The Spirit Morph Saga series, Steven closes the book and sighs. Steven doesn't know what to say in regards to what Connie may think, so he stalls by saying something else.Connie expresses her opinion of the ending, disliking everything about it.Steven says that he agrees, and wishes that they could change the ending. Steven turns into a character in the book after explaining that the room can overload.

He undoes the creations, but is unable to un-summon the fake Connie, who says that he didn't want her to do what he wants.His gem responds to his wish and opens Rose's Room. Connie then exclaims her wish to be the character Lisa.The room doesn't obey her command, however, as the room only listens to what Steven wants.After making some endings, Steven, once again, asks Connie what she thinks. Steven says that he's trying his hardest and asks Connie to not do what he wants.This causes Connie to break down, repeating the word "want".

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