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Stick to casual meets at first - coffee shops; book shops (the old borders was good). Don't go back online into the field - that's not fair to you in the relationship or her.3. (PS - if your looking for a pluck and chuck then stick to Tinder). Either the people I encountered are crap from the start or they seemed "good" until I get caught with surprises.

Stick to casual meets at first - coffee shops; book shops (the old borders was good). After so many disheartening encounters, I become paranoid and start to do background checks on them (avoid wasting my time further).

"Before the Internet and mobile phones, men took time to get to know me," says the art gallerist.

"We would go on at least three or four dates before either one of us decides it won't work out. Again and again, I find myself going on one-off dates where the men quickly decide within the hour - maybe even 30 minutes - that we shouldn't see each other again.

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Probably because most of us have been here for quite a while and have seen just about everything and let's just say, after a while, we get skeptical when someone joins with a leading post or two that opens it up to an solicitation or advertisement. But as I still had a shadow of doubt of your intentions, despite how your post looked and read, you are able to still post.Apparently, this service is pretty common in UK already.All you need to do is pay a fee (affordable) and get a pretty comprehensive report on your potential date/spouse.There are so many options these days at our fingertips (with all the online dating apps), and finding someone or rather "The next one" seems to be easier.Maybe those who are successful in online dating can share their experience here? I don't have a success story but an experience worth sharing.

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