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If you are in an abusive relationship, please use a safe computer that your partner cannot access directly or remotely, or call the DOVE Program at 218-983-4656 24 hour crisis line - 1-877-830-DOVE to speak to an advocate directly.

If you are at a safe computer please click below to continue to the main site.

When you’re young and in love, you don’t always think about the legalities of your relationship.

However, Minnesota takes teen dating seriously, especially if there’s too big of an age gap between the couple.

To what extent is there consensus about the “Trauma-Informed’ Concept among OVW constituencies? To what extent is there consensus about how and where the ‘trauma-informed’ concept is APPLIED across agencies serving or interacting with survivors of dating violence, stalking, sexual assault and domestic violence?

Project methods include key informant interviews, literature review, a consensus survey, trauma-informed story contribution, and roundtable discussions.

The results of that investigation will then be sent to the county attorney’s office, and they will decide whether to prosecute.

A criminal conviction for a sex crime can be catastrophic to a teen’s life.

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We have ninth graders who go to school with seniors, and they’re intermingling.This methodology is meant to further clarify identified “fuzzy concepts” via reviewer interpretation of the stories.These stories can reflect different level and sector applications of the trauma-informed concept and will later be analyzed for themes.Many victim service providers describe their work as being “trauma-informed,” and yet it remains unclear whether there is consensus, or lack thereof, on what trauma-informed services encompass.With direction from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) at the U. Department of Justice, the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) is conducting a project that aims to capture the national landscape of understanding and practice of trauma-informed services in the sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and dating violence fields.

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