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Great for professionals who are looking for a long term relationship.4.Love Struck Love Struck is a location-based dating site, and is aimed at professionals who are short of time.You can then add your own response to this description (also max 2,000 characters).If your friend starts the process, he or she will answer the same 5 quick questions and then add the description or thoughts about you (still 2,000 characters).Guardian Soulmates If you read The Guardian, you’re probably already aware of their online dating service Guardian Soulmates.

Not only will you find someone with whom you’ll have something in common straight away, but you’ll also have an easy ice breaker for both online chats and your first real date.

You then have 2,000 characters at your disposal to write a description of yourself.

Lastly, you upload photos and submit your friends name and email to invite him or her to endorse you.

All the people on My Single Friend are endorsed and recommended by one of their friends, and in order to set up an account, you will need to have a friend that participates in your dating process (although technically you could do all this yourself using two different email accounts).

Your friend can be with you throughout the process, or he or she can help you with the account creation only.

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