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mau gives more damage without the no no, it's totally wrong IMO, penzer and MAU blessing are both the same (see resourceitem.dat) in serverside both have the same effect, different in value, take a note that MAU blessing is taking part of your attack, so if you equip different weapon, or not equiping weapon, will result in different attack, even if you become archon, your MAU attack will also increase... it will cancel out each others effects resulting to no additional damages. but in my test with chars and monsters it proves the idea.The filtering process is used again with the fitted model in the forecasting phase, when the one-step-ahead forecasts and residuals based on the fitted model are provided.In addition, this filtering output is needed by the smoothing phase to produce the full-sample component estimates.A good discussion of the different variants of the traditional and diffuse KFS can be found in Durbin and Koopman (2001).The DKFS implemented in the SSM procedure closely follows the treatment in de Jong and Chu-Chun-Lin (2003).

★「Choice-Filled Explosive Strategy」★Command multiple attack and defense teams… Take out all you have and faceoff in 6V6 combat; fight through scouting, shelling, contact, and more stages! Plot Playback: Replay story of cleared chapters without combat5. This subsection briefly describes the basic quantities generated by this algorithm and their relationship to the output generated by the SSM procedure.For proper treatment of SSMs with a diffuse initial condition or when regression variables are present, a modified version of the traditional KFS, called Kalman filter and smoother (DKFS), is needed.For additional information about how PROC SSM handles missing values, see the section Missing Values. Similarly denotes the corresponding conditional variance. The vector and the matrix contain some accumulated quantities that are needed for the estimation of and .Of course, when (the nondiffuse case), these quantities are not needed.

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