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After observing a couple of scenes being shot, which were connected to the baby storyline from Season 6, and taking a tour of the sets, which included the very recognizable Paddy’s Pub, we were treated to a delicious catered lunch and then brought into a conference room to wait for the cast.

Show creator/executive producer/star Rob Mc Elhenney, who has put on 50 pounds for story purposes, was joined by co-stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson and Danny De Vito for a nearly 45-minute chat, in which they talked about the darker tone, their jaunt to the Jersey Shore, guest stars, more serialized storytelling, themes of this season, the reason for the extreme weight gain, and their hope for a Season 8.

Olson almost didn’t take the role because the character was initially too much like bland voice of reason. Keep an eye out for the actress on the silver screen — after “Always Sunny” wraps up, she wants to star in a movie.

(After all, we are talking about a sitcom that follows five deranged losers as they attempt to profit off of dumpster babies, have sex with each others’ mothers, and develop a crack addiction to collect welfare.) One night in 2004, ‘s creator and star Rob Mc Elhenney literally dreamed up an outline for a pilot involving a cancer-plagued man and his insensitive pal.

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What did you learn from doing more serialized storytelling last season, and will that carry over to this season at all? We went over a number of different things, and then eventually we decided that would be a challenge that would actually be more fun, to have her be pregnant. HOWERTON: Well, in this episode (the finale) that we’re shooting right now, we’re playing with the larger issue of what’s going on with the government and what happens with our money when we give our money to the people we elect to decide what to do with our money.

They started dating while filming season 2, but didn’t officially admit their couple status until the following season. Her physical comedy is key: “I’m very long,” she said in the interview.

When breaking the news to the rest of the cast, Olson reportedly burst into tears, declared her love for Mc Elhenney and wished that everyone wouldn’t be mad. “I’m very unaware of how long my limbs are and I bash into things a lot, and Rob makes fun of me a lot.”8.

As the 10th season of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” launched last week, the gang returned with high-flying shenanigans.

Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee Reynolds on the show, once again proved why she’s one of the funniest women on TV.

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