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The sequence shot in Newport Harbor was described as a “barge scene,” where more than two dozen barges and hundreds of extras were outfitted as Egyptian and Roman forces to recreate a massive sea battle.

The advent of the Hays Code in the 1930s branded “Cleopatra” obscene, and subsequently, all prints of it were locked away.

In the late eighties and into the nineties, Leslie landed a starring role in the long running top-ten ABC television sitcom "Head Of The Class", portraying the brilliant yet socially awkward Maria Borges.

Her follow up television series was ABCs "C-16 FBI" along side Eric Roberts, Angie Harmon and DB Sweeney.

This list ranks the best movies with play in the name, whether they're documentaries, dramas, horror movies, or any other genre of film.

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In addition, Leslie also starred as a diametrically opposite character to Valentina, named Leah Banks on CBSs Emmy Award winning show "CSI".

Orange County Film Commissioner Janice Arrington was not entirely sure if “Cleopatra” was banned for a specific scene or a litany of sins, but comments: “I think [Theda Bara] didn’t have any underwear on in some shots.

And the Hays Code dictated that in kissing scenes, women had to have one foot on the ground, and she might not have done that …

Additional experience in the television industry; Leslie has worked with major studios and networks such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, MGM/Sony, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and HBO and has an established rapport with all of them. Copies of her press articles, resume, Bio, Head Shots and Acting & Voice Over Reels can all be accessed on her website: Com (Click on Theatrical.) Leslie has has had the opportunity of traveling around the world three times and living abroad including Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong where she worked in Interior Design, studied the culinary arts at the Cordon Blu and also obtained her license in Natural-pathic and Homeopathic Medicine.

Leslie is also a business entrepreneur and worked in finance with the company Peak Finance in Beverly Hills before establishing her career in Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

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