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Rather than focus on a story of an abandoned animal, this year's heartbreaking campaign instead features an unwanted stuffed toy puppy.

In the surprisingly emotional advert, the toy - called Woody - is quickly discarded by its owners after being neglected in a heartbreaking metaphor for the way the number of dogs being abandoned rises sharply after Christmas.

When nothing works, you're so sad and you just think, 'Well that's me now forever.'"Related: Jorgie Porter on why she quit Hollyoaks: 'I couldn't go through life thinking I never tried anything else'The ASA upheld the complaints and pulled the ad from channels airing programmes either for, or appealing to, children.

This was by no means an intention of ours." The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it had received complaints about the advert with viewers objecting that it is inappropriate and insensitive to use bereavement and grief to sell fast food.

Some complainants have also referenced the proximity to Father’s Day.

Just days after announcing the redundancies of 75 lecturers, Southampton University advertised for a chauffeur to provide a ‘car service to university executives and visiting dignitaries’.

By the way, Southampton’s vice- chancellor, the academic and engineer Sir Christopher Snowden, is on a salary of £423,000 — almost three times more than the Prime Minister.

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