Dating royal worcester back stamp marks

The barometer has a centigrade thermometer on the clean silvered dial, which is calibrated in barometric inches ranging from 27 to 32 and for altitudes to 4,000 feet.The case is made of gilded brass in very good dent free condition, retaining virtually all of its gilding.It featured in the Manor House task and was used in many of the introductory scenes on the wall of the House, instead of the usual clock.The celebrities who took part in that show included Jermaine Jackson, Shilpa Shetty, Dirk Benedict and the late Jade Goody.

In full working order and not only a super item in its own right, it also has the added interest of having featured in a high profile TV show.As with the other weather forecasters, it’s designed to more accurately predict the weather in conjunction with wind direction & barometer readings, which are then set by the two rotating discs, in the upper half, revealing a letter code in the appropriate window, which will correspond to one of the 26 forecasts printed on a rotating drum, and operated by a knob on the side.Made from a black metal casing the brass faceplate has been highly polished, and all the engraved characters and forecasts are legible..' Established by Charles Wastell Dixey & his uncle George Dixey in 1824 when they took over the failing business of William Fraser.Following Georges death in 1863, the company then traded as C. Dixey & Son and the business continues to this day as one of Londons most prestigious opticians, having serviced many distinguished customers over their long history, including seven English Monarchs along with many historical figures, noteably Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington and Winston Churchill.

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